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Norman Would
norman would deluxe pochette-1.jpg

Sepulchral ambiances cast by a Mark Lanegan / Howe Gelb -ish kind of voice for a -litterally- "Out of the Blue" album.

Out of nowhere ? Not really, considering the quality of the compositions. Joshua Hudes (mix) and Kramer (mastering, Low, Daniel Johnston, ...) experience and talent came on top to give the songs the extra woody flavor the songs deserved.


Auckland (New-Zealand) based, Scalper produces his own blend of haunted downtempo alt-rap. His musical realm provides the audience with ethereal, acute and colorful ambiances meant to confront the inner violence of present times with the peace of mind one can find, when searching deep within. 

Von Limb
von limb cover final.jpg

Subtle dream pop/cold wave crossover with shoegaze inflections for a cinematic EP that imprints drivy night visions in the listeners mind.

From Durutti Column to Cocteau Twins through Cold Showers, their music speaks to several generations, a rare and enjoyable talent ...

Sukoï Fever

Sukoï Fever is well known for its power sixties rock'n'roll garage mix of influences, ranging from the likes of The Yardbirds to The Zombies with echoes of contemporary International Noise Conspiracy.

Captain Americano

The untold story of this unlikely superhero was written between France, the Unites States and Chile. The path they follow is at the crossroads of grunge, punk rock and power pop.

Captain Americano basically superpowers are the ons of a new generation of musical heroes drawing strength from the iconic references.

I=O (unegalzero)

An original mix of noisy pop and slam rock. The French press likes to talk about a mix of Fugazi, Tool, with post-rock elements, categorizing 1=0 in the descendence of local avant-garde act... Diabologum.

The Wave Chargers
wave chargers strike back.jpeg

Sukoï Fever is well known for its power sixties rock'n'roll garage mix of influences, ranging from the likes of The Yardbirds to The Zombies with echoes of contemporary International Noise Conspiracy.

We Are Disco Doom Revenge

Francisco Esteves's We Are Disco Doom Revenge is another development of his Frankenspirit as a beatmaker. The three pillars of his music conception are alt-rap, noise and analog electronics. Cisco thus presents the WADD Revenge project as some "shoegaze electro hip hop".

Traditional Monsters

Author, musician, painter and film maker Dick Turner provides a full theatrical set of art brut experiences. When it comes down to this musical art rock version of it, based on the Japanese stories of Yokai characters, the audience finds themselves surrounded by a gallery of borderline figures facing the hypothesis of happiness and ridiculed desperation.

Dick Turner
dick turner - man in a pit EP - Quixotem

Dick Turner stands for nothing more than a lunar dandy/crooner whose 'Art brut' phantasmagoria flirts with resolute pop songs mastery. Songs that never leave your mind after a first listen.

Give it a try. You'll see but you've been warned.


Quixotemusic and Pokett teamed up to release a remastered double vinyle edition of Stéphane Garry's first opus from 2004. An album that rivals easily with the likes of Elliot Smith or Jim O'Rourke. 

A folk sensibility, soft as pop, with electronic explorations gives this Crumble some unique flavour.


French talented folk singers often find solace away from home and Pollyanna is no stranger to the rule, with more than 400 concerts in France, Switzerland, Germany, North&South America, Britain, ... Pollyanna has the voice of the nocturnal wind calling for daytile emotions to rest to the sound of her particuliar folk pop.


REZA has a undeniable talent for poetical songwriting with impeccable melodies. The overall process is as painstakingly slow as the upmost quality of the songs blooming on the other of the tunnel. Each new album comes with a refined spirit of alt-country laced with delicate pop flavours.


Connect the Machine to the Map vol.1

Connect the Machine to the Map sheds light on the formidable underground scene of alt-rap. Many of the featured artists collaborate worldwide through internet from many corners of the world... UK, France, US, Lebanon, Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands... Poets, producers, musicians, beatmakers, philosophers, MCs share more than a passion for music, using acoustic instruments, electronics, and words... blowing fresh air on the proto-hip-hop scene.

Spleen vs Ideal

Quixotemusic's first aventurous steps among the windmills of the music industry. Wasn't the easiest of paths but certainly one of the genuiningly passionate about music, Spleen vs Ideal showcasing a radical groove and energy based on a Lynch-y and Patton-esque mix of voice, drums, bass guitar and saxophone. The best kept secret of year 2007.

Joseph Fisher

Children of the French 1970's, Joseph Fisher was once asked by his granny what he'd be willing to do as a grown-up. I don't know but I shall write... Which he does, under the artistic influence of pop heroes and avant-garde chanson française from the catalogue of Saravah label.

Backbone Party

Contemporary kaleidoscopic mixing Western and oriental influences. Backbone Party dwells on both vintage and digital, electric & electronics and organic vibes... finding a place in a triangle of rock, electro and industrial music.


Prominent Lebanese band Lumi is dark and glamour, tense and groovy, "Two Tears in Water" songs avoid the oversimple tricks of electro-rock by digging deep into their oriental roots.

The Tape

Improbable encounter between a  Russian art student and a sound engineer from Paris. The Tape creativity unravelled with a simple recipe.... melody has to be catchy as can be... but it was also rich, the voice hardly shadowing a Drive-y vintage electronic pop stance.

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