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Quixotemusic is also about relationships, collaborations and mutual support. We're glad to call them friends.

Dick Turner

Artist, musician and director, Dick Turner is an unclassifiable and protean artist who for thirty years has produced a singular, essentially figurative,pictorial output. His idiosyncratic pictorial work strives to represent the world around him through different intellectual and affective approaches. Series and processes are explored over time but his creative energy remains however, no less visceral.

We Insist

WE INSIST! is an odd rock band from Paris that has released 5 albums and has toured Europe extensively.
The line-up was gradually reduced from 6 to 3, for many different reasons. They are now playing as a trio, without removing any of its hardcore white jazz feel.

REC117 logo 4.jpg

REC / PAUSE / PLAY, RECII7 provides solutions and expertise to build up video content and more to help artists, labels, troups, and artistic structures facing communication tools and strategies, starting with the conception of Social Media Press Kits. Video + photos + text content with a journalism perspective.


One of 1=0's guitar player's multiple side-projects. Quark showcases Dylan Bendall's Jello Biafra-like timber and another one of his music influences driven from the indy rock sphere. The skilled trio succeeds in blending Chokebore, Slint and Fugazi and we love them for that.

Brisa Roché

American born Brisa Roché has travelled all over the world from her hometown in the north of California. After spending time in such countries as Russia and Romania (where she toured as a young teen), New Mexico (where she continued pursuing her private vision of jazz) and plenty of other places, she finally gets back to Paris. Her albums display her affection for no less than jazz, rock, pop, blues, old-school country, folk, hip hop, funk and disco. 

Les Tigres du Futur

These 'futuristic tigers' are to easy listening what Mötörhead is to Gregorian music.
It's an ear-startling exhibit of acidic guitars, powerful bass, and heady keyboards supported by robust drumming. Every piece is influenced by the weird and wild world of B-movies. Each track is like a mini movie experience in itselfas if Anton LaVey was playing organ with Man or Astro-man and Goblins on a speed binge during a Dario Argento screening.

Les Lignes droites

Distorsions and tensions alternate with seamingly peacefull ambiances that never fail to be disturbed by the dark melancholy of the lyrics (in French). 
Thou shalt (not) fear the untamed version of the songs on stage.

Patrice Mancino Photography

Lifeisthecolor as a motto. Keen on photographying people, exhibitions, performances, architecture, nature, ... even food...  

PM ID.jpeg
Rotor Jambreks

Entertainer from the Breton Tennessee since 2006 with a past (and present) with The Craftmen Club. Chairman of the Rotor Jambreks university teaching rock'n'roll history. 

Ted Niceley

Ted Niceley is an American record producer. He is most widely known for his production work with Fugazi, Girls Against Boys, Backbone Party and Noir Désir among others...

Ancient Mith

Hi(s-s)tory would claim he was raised by wolves and great parents in Denver, Co. before turning to music. He would fancy saving dogs from burning people houses and women from burning dog houses, even though most of them were cat ladies. But most importantly he's an unparalleled one man rap possee with Tom Waits spirit and charisma. 

Marion Ruzniewski

Photojournalist specialized in gig photos, including those taken in extreme conditions, such as muddy festivals and dimly lit shabby clubs. She can improvise a photo shoot in five minutes under any circumstances (at midnight, outside, with a plastered band, etc.). 

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